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Global Connections strives to be a full service global resource center for international business people, expatriates, immigrants, and travelers.  Our goal is to help our clients to be more effective in working with their diverse work forces, business contacts, and foreign counterparts, thereby developing better and stronger business relationships.


1. Translation/Interpretation Services

Make it easy for your clients, associates, or target market to feel connected to you by using our professional translation or interpretation services.  A translator or interpreter has the ability to communicate specific shades of gray, subtlety and diplomacy, or just the right attitude or emotion, just as you do naturally in your first language.  The translator’s or interpreter’s native communication skills can make your counterpart feel important, help both parties understand one another’s needs more clearly, and facilitate negotiations, saving time and money.

Our translators and interpreters are experienced and, when applicable, have specialized knowledge of the industry in which they are translating or interpreting.   Interpretation is quoted by the hour or the day; translation is quoted by the word or the page.  Projects are quoted based on whether there is technical knowledge required and, for translation, whether the client requires set up and formatting.   Global Connections’ rates are quoted based on individual translator’s and interpreter’s rates and the complexity of the project. Contact Us to discuss your needs and to receive a quote.


2. Cross-cultural Profiles

Do you have a new international counterpart?  Are you traveling to a region for the first time?  Our cross-cultural profiles will provide you with an overview of decision-making styles, taboo and preferred topics of discussion, attitudes toward time, negotiation styles, and much more.  In addition, we can often provide answers to specific questions to make you more effective in your communication and relationship building goals.

We use our company library, the internet, and our network of international contacts and cross-cultural experts to provide you with a concise, coil bound overview of the region and your cross-cultural counterpart’s relationship building style.  Complete a fast and easy check off inventory of your topics of interest and add any specific questions you might have.  We’ll do the research and put together a package customized to your needs.  Information is power! Contact Us to order your Cross-cultural Profile.


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