English Program

English as a Second Language

  1. Require a program designed to enhance their English at work
  2. Are in Calgary on work visas
  3. Require a short term English language program
  4. Require a flexible training schedule
  5. Work as professionals, managers, or entrepreneurs
  6. Have specific learning objectives related to their industry or profession
  7. Wish to come to Canada and study part-time on a visitor’s visa
  8. Desire to develop six critical communication skills necessary for success in business (Certificate of Achievement in Business Communication)
  9. Interested in talking with other business people from Canada and other regions of the world
  10. Expect a lot of instructor feedback and interaction to maximize learning (combination of one-on-one training and very small classes)Christal is always evaluating students’ practice role plays, offering good points and suggestions for improvement. It was good for me to get some advice on my English.
    Amy Choi
    It (Accent Reduction) was dynamic; I’ve got enough material to keep practicing by myself.
    Alberto Rueda


As a client of our English as a Second Language Program, you will enjoy unsurpassed flexibility in the world of language training. You are able to choose the number of study hours, class size, and course objectives. In addition, there are a variety of cultural excursions and business networking opportunities to choose from. This flexibility allows you to enjoy our programs on a part-time or full-time basis. You can also complement a business trip or work visa stint with one or more of our programs. The choice is yours!

1. Accent Reduction Certificate Program

Our Accent Reduction Program is very popular with professional and business immigrants who are striving to advance in their careers. This program is typically eighteen hours in duration – two hours per week for nine weeks. We can offer this program one-on-one or in small groups. Occassionally, we offer public courses at a reduced cost; please call for registration dates. Contact Us for a complimentary Accent Reduction Assessment. We are a Registered Educational Institution – training programs for work puposes are tax deductible.

2. E-Writing Course (Read E-Writing Course Brochure PDF)

Using applications within Microsoft Office 2000, COMPREHENSIVE AND PROFESSIONAL E-MAILS TO GO offers an e-course designed to improve participants’ e-mail communication through individual feedback and coaching. This learning format provides one face-to-face training session to familiarize the learner with the required Microsoft Office applications, teach writing fundaments, and build rapport (2 hours). This format offers a maximum of one hour each week of e-mail editing with grammar and vocabulary usage feedback and coaching returned to you by e-mail. In addition, telephone consultations are available by appointment. For more information or to make an appointment, please phone 403-241-1390 or send us an e-mail.Investment

3 months (12 hours)$720.00*
6 months (24 hours)$1200.00*
12 months (48 hours)$1920.00*

Optional Textbook: (Azar, 2009, Understanding and Using English Grammar, International Edition, Pearson Education
*Plus G.S.T.

3. English for Your Work

This program includes six modules that integrate Accent Reduction and Canadian Business Culture with business communication skills, such as Meeting Skills, Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills, Writing Skills, and Telephone Skills. One-on-one or small group clients may choose to focus on one or all of the business communication skills listed. This program can also incorporate industry specific voabulary, as well as general business vocabulary. Contact Us for a complementary Needs Assessment. We are a Registered Educational Institution- training programs for work purposes are tax deductible.

4. English for Your Life

This program incorporates Accent Reduction and Canadian Social Culture with conversation skills, such as accepting and declining invitations, small talk, and comparisons in the media. Learners will be involved in discussions of topics that are popular in social settings, such as movies, social issues, and other topics of interest to the learners. The discussions will incorporate new vocabulary and some limited, targeted grammar-based activities. Contact Us for a complementary Needs Assessment. We are a Registered Educational Institution – training programs for work purposes are tax deductible.

ProgramDescription# HoursCost
Executive One-on-one ProgramChoose one of the above Signature Programs, or we’ll customize your progam just for you! One-on-one personalized training program that is tailored to your needs – your objectives, your schedule, your learning style, your location (or ours). Company and Learner needs assessment and evaluation available.2 hrs/class as often as you wish to schedule    1/hr class as often as you wish to schedule$70/hr
*1 extra person with same objectives/level – no extra cost   $80/hr
Group Class ProgramGroups of 3 to 10 people allow for fun group activities while maximizing teacher-learner interaction. Learning objectives include conversation, structure, reading & writing, or one of our Signature Programs: Accent Reduction Certificate Program, English for Your Work, English for Your Life.2 hr classes as often as you wish to schedulerates vary depending on size of group and program requirements
Business Certificate ProgramGroups of 3 to 10 people allow for valuable discussions & activities. There are 6 modules, which can be taken in any order, and you may take 1 or all 6 modules. Modules include: Cross-cultural Diversity, Telephone Skills, Presentation Skills, Meeting skills, Negotiation Skills, and Business Writing Skills. Practice all 4 communication skills with emphasis on speaking & listening (except writing skills module).2 hr/class*rates vary
*Certificate of Completion in target module is issued at the end of each module
*Certificate of Achievement in Business Communication presented at the end of the program
Live & Learn ProgramOne-on-one tutoring with your homestay host. Live & learn homestay hosts are chosen for their teaching-related experience – maximize your talking time!1-2 hr/class, 5 days/wk$30/hr

*If you are coming to Canada for 6 months or less, you can study on a visitor’s visa, which is much easier to acquire. In addition, this will allow you to choose the number of hours you study. If you wish to study longer than 6 months, we will design a program for you that meets the Student Visa requirements of 24 hours per week of study.