About Calgary

Calgary is a modern, cosmopolitan city in the heart of Western Canada with every business, leisure, and social service available to its citizens and visitors alike. Calgary is also very safe, having the lowest crime rate of major cities in Canada – and Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. Moreover, Calgary has the highest proportion of university graduates and professionals of any city in Canada.

Calgary is also very clean – water quality and sanitation are exceptional. The city is beautiful, with bright, modern buildings and many parks and recreation areas. Calgary is home to professionals and families from many different cultures. With the low crime rate, high safety, and strong acceptance of foreign students and immigrants, Calgary is the perfect place to learn English.

Calgary is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities with a young and diverse population and a vibrant energy that is felt throughout the city. Moreover, the city has enjoyed the highest economic growth (4.6%) among Canadian cities. While the oil industry has fueled much of this economic success, transportation and logistics, information and communication technology, financial and business services, and film and tourism have also contributed to economic growth and an international reputation for innovation.

The city and its superb business, leisure, and social services support a Business to Business Language Training Program well! The Calgary area and the nearby Rocky Mountains provide wonderful opportunities to enrich language and cultural learning.