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The ever-increasing interest in the business and career opportunities associated with multi-lingualism is a very real sign of a global village community, which is becoming robust and vibrant. English is undoubtedly a universal business language, but more and more people feel that the ability to speak another language is well worth the effort; not only does it demonstrate a willingness to master the subtleties of business relationships, but it also shows a serious attitude towards global partnerships. Contracts are often won or lost because of the relationship, which makes understanding culture and language all the more critical. Increasingly, global business people are discovering that language is the key to bridging the cultural barrier between trading partners.

“It is always really important to another cultural group to have an attempt made by English business people to learn something of the other’s language and culture. It is a sign of respect; it’s matter of courtesy.”
Ed Weaver, Continental Cork Company

“Much of my success in working in Mexico and Latin America comes from the capability to understand and influence people in their own language just as I do in Canada and the U.S.”
Lana Phair-Sutherland, Phair-Sutherland Consulting

“…a knowledge of a customer’s language has a distinct sales value. This is particularly true in Latin American countries, where business conferences are conducted in a leisurely and unhurried way, in a highly social atmosphere [and Asian countries where evening socializing is an extension of virtually every business day].”
Gary Ferraro, The Cultural Dimension of International Business

“People in the North-East who speak a second language can earn an extra £3,000 a year and are even seen as sexier than the less linguistically talented, a new report has found.”
The Journal, Nov. 2/04

“Human resources managers from 2,700 companies were questioned about their views on language skills, with more than half saying they were more likely to hire someone who speaks a second language.”
The Journal, Nov. 2/04

Other Language Training

Enjoy one-on-one Foreign Language Training, or organize a group of your friends or colleagues- you choose the training schedule, locations and objectives. Instructors bring experience in adult eduation, home country & Canadian post-secondary education, and relevant business experience to enable them to create and deliver a training program with your needs in mind. Although, all of our Foreign Language Training is custom designed to meet our client’s learning objectives, a sample training outline for vacationers who require a Beginner Conversation Course is attached. Business clients’ needs are generally more specialized and require customized programming. CONTACT US for a complementary Needs Assessment and Language Assessment. We are a Registered Educational Institution – training programs for work purposes are tax deductible.

ProgramDescription# HoursCost
Executive ProgramOne-on-one training tailored to your needs – your objectives, your schedule, your learning style, your location (or ours). Company and Learner needs assessment and evaluation available.2 hrs/class as often as you wish to schedule  1 hr/class as often as you wish to schedule$65/hr
*1 extra person with same objectives/level at no extra cost
*Discounts may apply $80/hr*1 extra person with same objectives/level at no extra cost
Group Class ProgramGroups of 3 to 10 people allow for fun group activities while maximizing teacher-learner interaction. Learning objectives include conversation, structure, reading & writing, pronunciation. Company and Learner needs assessment and evaluation available. Corporate group programs can be tailored to meet specific communication objectives.2 hr/class as often as you wish to scheduleFollowing a fact-finding interview, a proposal including program objectives, outcomes, and costs will be presented for your consideration

Magdalena (Spanish instructor) is awesome. This program has changed my life.”
Kathy Chaplow

The course (Swedish) was great…what we have learned will be great for our trip.
Katherine Kirkland & Andy Bethel