Quality Homestays

Your homestay experience can enrich both your Canadian cultural experience and your English language skills. To ensure that your homestay experience is beneficial, we carefully select and coach our hosts.

Your Homestay Coordinator
The owners of Global Connections manage the Homestay Program. Each homestay is carefully selected and closely monitored. If difficulties arise, we are always available and act quickly to solve any problems.

Your Host
All host families are native English speaking. You will enjoy the friendly, helpful style of your hosts. They will be able to help you learn how to use the bus, taxis, government, and many other services. In addition, they will enjoy sharing Canadian culture with you. You will be treated like a member of the family.

Your Room
Your room will have a bed, desk, lamp, window, dresser, and closet. You will have a private room, which will be yours for your stay. It will be your responsibility to keep it tidy.

Your Meals
Your hosts will provide three meals per day. Please let us know if you have specific dietary requirements.

The Location of Your Host’s Home
Business people look for convenient transportation to and from classes, especially during the winter, as they don’t know their way around the city. Homestays and English classes are all located in one area of the city. This area is quite convenient to the university (where we participate in some sports clubs) and downtown (where we participate in some business clubs/meetings and enjoy some night life). It is also close to buses and subway transportation (called the C-Train in Calgary).

Host Tutoring Option
You may choose to take advantage of our host-tutoring program. This is a cost-effective way to practice your English one-on-one and receive valuable feedback. Hosts chosen for this program have some related training or experience, which will be useful for you.

Club Program
Many of our hosts also lead clubs related to their interests or hobbies. This is an opportunity for three to five clients to get together with a host and play sports, watch movies, cook, walk on Calgary’s extensive river path system, dine out in Calgary’s many fabulous restaurants, participate in some business networking activities, or whatever. We post a schedule of the clubs available, and you choose the clubs that interest you.

The friendship that you develop with your host family can last a life time.