The attached needs assessment is designed for people who are doing business in foreign countries that have languages and cultures that are significantly different from Canada’s. When an organization is doing business in foreign markets, there are two learning focuses: firstly, the business nuts and bolts, such as taxation and legal requirements; secondly, the people component, including language, culture, business practices, values, decision making locus, etc. We focus on the people component.

Whether you are entertaining foreign business delegates, visiting foreign counterparts’ operations, or are preparing to be an expatriate, our services are designed to enable you and your business to make the transition from one culture to another more easily, to build better relationships with foreign counterparts, and to enhance your professionalism and prosperity in the global village. Obviously, we cannot make you fluent in a foreign language or a cultural expert in six weeks. But, we can make considerable progress towards the above goals depending on how much time you are able to devote to training

The goals of this needs assessment are to help you understand your own training needs, to begin to understand the impact of lost opportunities due to cultural barriers, and to assist you in understanding how we might help you.

This needs assessment focuses solely on cultural skills. But, in fact, we would recommend some survival language skills too.

The attached needs assessment is made up of two parts: Part I deals with your cross-cultural knowledge and Part II deals with your preparedness in communicating effectively cross-culturally. Both assessments are for your use, but if you would like to hand it in to us, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs in a free initial consultation.