International Business Services

Global Connections strives to be a full service global resource center for international business people, expatriates, immigrants, and travelers.  Our goal is to help our clients to be more effective in working with their diverse work forces, business contacts, and foreign counterparts, thereby developing better and stronger business relationships.

1. Translation/Interpretation Services

Make it easy for your clients, associates, or target market to feel connected to you by using our professional translation or interpretation services.  A translator or interpreter has the ability to communicate specific shades of gray, subtlety and diplomacy, or just the right attitude or emotion, just as you do naturally in your first language.  The translator’s or interpreter’s native communication skills can make your counterpart feel important, help both parties understand one another’s needs more clearly, and facilitate negotiations, saving time and money.

Our translators and interpreters are experienced and, when applicable, have specialized knowledge of the industry in which they are translating or interpreting.   Interpretation is quoted by the hour or the day; translation is quoted by the word or the page.  Projects are quoted based on whether there is technical knowledge required and, for translation, whether the client requires set up and formatting.   Global Connections’ rates are quoted based on individual translator’s and interpreter’s rates and the complexity of the project. Contact Us to discuss your needs and to receive a quote.

2. Cross-cultural Profiles

Do you have a new international counterpart?  Are you traveling to a region for the first time?  Our cross-cultural profiles will provide you with an overview of decision-making styles, taboo and preferred topics of discussion, attitudes toward time, negotiation styles, and much more.  In addition, we can often provide answers to specific questions to make you more effective in your communication and relationship building goals.

We use our company library, the internet, and our network of international contacts and cross-cultural experts to provide you with a concise, coil bound overview of the region and your cross-cultural counterpart’s relationship building style.  Complete a fast and easy check off inventory of your topics of interest and add any specific questions you might have.  We’ll do the research and put together a package customized to your needs.  Information is power! Contact Us to order your Cross-cultural Profile.

3. Ways to Select Insurance for Your Business

If you are planning to begin a career and open up your very own business, one of the many concerns you will be looking into are your finances and included in these would be looking up at the cost liability insurance for small business and other important business needs that can help secure and protect your assets. Of course not all insurances are made to help out your business, which is why it will be very important for you to survey all of your possible choices to be certain that your selected provider and policy will aid you through the years.

Pick Through Your Needs

Layout all of the essential needs that you believe will bring your startup company to its best interest and list these out in detail so that you are doubly certain that you are able to address all of your concerns when it comes to coverage. Based on these needs, you can now look through some of the potential providers that have these benefits at hand and this will help you narrow down which provider will be the best for you to work with to help in assisting your business in the future.

See Provider Potential

Because of the various insurance providers that are out there, it will be a challenge for you to pick out one that will really work to your advantage, so you can begin the selection through your particular needs and at the same time based on the potential and reputation of the provider. It can be worrisome for you to go for a provider that has just popped up out of nowhere as compared to those who have been in the business for years, so take your time to consider which one really fits the bill and seems genuinely open to your ideals.

Time and Patience

Most new businesses have that fear and agitation to immediately have coverage available especially in terms of their establishment in operation and the rising concerns for personnel and clientele, however, it is wise to take in a lot of time and patience to find the correct policy that suits your business needs. Since it may take a considerable amount of time before you finally get to decide, do this months before you officially get your business running so that you are able to really find the appropriate coverage for everyone concerned in your company.

Read and Research

The complexity of insurance policies has increased through the years, that you may want to go through all of the different details first before even deciding to push through and have a formal agreement with a provider. Having the necessary knowledge not just about the provider and the policies but also about insurance in general will be a great way for you to be able to make the decision of selecting an insurance plan to turn out better, plus this gives you additional background about any legal issues as well as financial benefits and advantages through these different policies.

Talk of Money

Whether you have all the finances ready or are still doing your best to balance your way through the money matters of your business, when it comes to the policy for your company, you should make sure that you have the upper hand. Look into the different possible chances of a payment scheme with your insurance provider and see all of the possible options for you to maintain a stable amount of income along the way but still be able to consider your responsibility of paying for your policy regularly, even if it means asking for discounts or a special payment scheme.